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2/26/2013 - Wed Feb 27

"Any state that has an international airport is a border state," says Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Penn.) "Any state with an international airport is a border state. 40% of the people that are in the country illegally didn't cross a border, they came here on a visa. The visa expired and they disappeared into the system and we can't find them." ... more

Kate Hicks - Mon Feb 4

Katie Kieffer - Mon Oct 29

Pop star Lady Gaga and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano both attract ‘little monsters.’ But whereas Lady Gaga attracts innocuous albeit freakishly dressed teenagers, Lady Napolitano literally attracts ‘little monsters’—violent cárteles del narcotráfico ... more

Katie Pavlich - Mon Apr 16

In my new book, Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Coverup, I document the conspiracy of senior Obama officials to subvert the Second Amendment, which led directly to the murders of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, I.C.E. Agent Jaime Zapata and countless, faceless lives in Mexico. It debunks the Obama administration’s lies, denials and excuses. This administration was willing to use humans as collateral damage to push a political agenda, and had no shame in doing so. Now, the administration has no shame in covering up their reckless actions. ... more

America - Wed Mar 7

Well, no surprise there. ... more

Ben Shapiro - Wed Nov 23

The first object of government, wrote James Madison in Federalist Paper No. 10, was to protect the American people from deep turkey fryers. Oh, wait. ... more

Frank Gaffney - Tue Nov 1

What would have happened if, during the Cold War, Soviet intelligence had been responsible for training Americans charged with countering communist aggression? Surely, we would not have defeated the USSR. ... more