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Steve Deace - Sat Oct 27

The debates are over, and although most of my fellow pundits were quick to tell us before they started that historically they don’t impact the eventual outcome, this time they certainly have. This race hasn’t been the same since the first debate. ... more

David Malcolm - Thu Oct 11

As a result of Mitt Romney’s hands-down, no contest victory in the first presidential debate, the race for president now, more so than before, is an actual contest. Democrats are on defense, and Vice President Biden is surely sweating during his debate preparation this week. ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Oct 11

Usually after a presidential debate, both sides spin the results. But after the first face-off between President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney, Obama's exasperated handlers made no such effort. How could they when most opinion polls revealed that two-thirds of viewers thought Obama clearly lost? ... more

Jackie Gingrich Cushman - Thu Oct 11

The debate last Wednesday has reset the presidential race. Those who thought President Obama was a shoo-in or that Republican nominee Mitt Romney was a lost cause had their perceptions turned on their heads during the debate. ... more

Michael Reagan - Thu Oct 11

Those were my cheers you heard coming from the Left Coast last Wednesday night. ... more

America - Thu Oct 11

The Daily Show host ridiculed the president for relying on Sesame Street to challenge his opponent. ... more

Rich Galen - Wed Oct 10

The Twitterverse was all, well, a-twitter Monday afternoon when the Pew Research Center for The People & The Press released the result of its national poll that had been in the field post-debate. ... more

Jacob Sullum - Wed Oct 10

During last week's presidential debate, Mitt Romney repeatedly promised to "lower taxes on middle-income families" without reducing "the share paid by high-income individuals." But this combination will prove difficult, if not impossible, for the Republican candidate to deliver given the other elements of his tax reform plan -- especially his illogical definition of "middle-income families." ... more

America - Wed Oct 10

Guy Benson on how Thursday's debate may not be as one-sided as some expect. ... more

Las Vegas, NV - Wed Oct 10

The former president analyzes Romney's debate performance. ... more

Rachel Marsden - Tue Oct 9

PARIS -- America has collective attention deficit disorder, and in one way it's a bigger threat than terrorism, cybersecurity dangers and the never-ending Middle East drama: Those other problems at least have the potential to be solved. ... more

Douglas MacKinnon - Tue Oct 9

As much of the far-left mainstream media continues to panic over Mr. Obama’s abject failure of a first debate, they deliberately avoid doing their jobs and reporting the real reason for his totally expected performance. ... more

America - Tue Oct 9

Joan Walsh downplays the vice president's gaffes and compliments his debating skills. ... more

Mike Adams - Mon Oct 8

Back in May of 1999, I made a decision to leave the Democratic Party. It was an easy decision. I had been a Democrat for 11 years. I voted for Dukakis when I was a committed leftist. But, later, when I became a pro-life conservative, there was no room for me in the party. ... more

Crystal Wright - Mon Oct 8

Mitt Romney gave President Barack Obama a much-deserved shellacking in the first Presidential debate held in Denver. The Republican nominee, who many conservatives were close to writing off, served ace after ace. ... more

Washington, DC - Mon Oct 8

Matthews strays from his usual criticism of Romney to praise the governor's first debate performance. ... more

New York, New York - Mon Oct 8

Big Bird joins Seth Meyers on Weekend Update to discuss how he was affected by Romney's comment in the first presidential debate. ... more

Michael Barone - Mon Oct 8

Wednesday night's presidential debate in which Mitt Romney shellacked Barack Obama attracted the biggest audience since the debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan seven days before the 1980 election. ... more

Steve Chapman - Sun Oct 7

In Wednesday's debate, Mitt Romney said he will "stop the subsidy" to public broadcasting. That's good to know, because Mitt Romney's campaign website says he will merely "reduce subsidies for ... the Corporation for Public Broadcasting." Kill Big Bird or just pluck some of his feathers? ... more

Steve Deace - Sat Oct 6

He tried ignoring his base in the primary when it was rallying behind marriage in North Carolina and rallying behind Chick-fil-a when it was under attack, and that didn’t work. Then he tried just scaring people into voting against Obama, and that didn’t work. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Sat Oct 6

By the time of Thursday night's debate between Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan, the polls will reflect the early consequences of President Obama's disastrous debate performance from Wednesday night. ... more

Jack Kerwick - Fri Oct 5

The first presidential debate of 2012 is now behind us. And Republican challenger Mitt Romney won it handily.No one challenges this verdict. Even President Obama’s most ardent supporters concede it by way of the truly laughable excuses to which they’ve resorted in accounting for the decisive drubbing that their candidate received. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Fri Oct 5

For as long as there have been presidential debates on television -- that is, since 1960 -- they have featured gotcha lines. Some years the debates have consisted of little more. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Fri Oct 5

Romney's stated policies in business during the first presidential debate: champion the growth and development for the middle class. Until now, Romney's position was widely perceived as one of the biggest enemies to the middle class. One of his most powerful moments during the debate was the contrast he illustrated between the president’s decision to finance the five big banks, while allowing small banks to fail across America. Some credit should be given to the president, however, for his short-term policies to save the banks, and the wise business decision to make interest from the banks that were save through the bailout. ... more

David Limbaugh - Fri Oct 5

I am elated to report to you something you surely already know: Mitt Romney trounced President Obama in their first debate. The rout was so decisive that even the liberal media cannot spin it the other way. ... more