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Christine Rousselle - Wed Jun 4

Going into a runoff. ... more

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Michael F. Cannon - Fri Jul 26

If Democratic support for Obamacare fell because more Democrats suddenly wish the law went farther, that drop would occur first and primarily among left-wing Democrats, not moderates and conservatives. ... more

Michael Schaus - Mon Jul 22

A Michigan judge, in a stunning display of impartiality and balance, said the bankruptcy should be withdrawn in part because it failed to honor “the (United States) president, who took (Detroit’s auto companies) out of bankruptcy.” Making the claim that President Obama saved the Auto Industry is like saying Neville Chamberlin saved Britain. ... more

Michael Schaus - Thu Jul 11

when you hear the “Progressives” talk about increasing taxes on the rich, just remember: We’ve been doing this since 1913. There is nothing “forward” looking, or “progressive” about continuing a century of failed ideas. ... more

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