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Dr. Rabab El Mahdi, an activist in Egypt and a faculty member at the University of Cairo, called out the title of the Middle East Institute annual conference in Washington: “Managing Transition, Containing Conflict: The Middle East in 2014.” She said that foreign policy analysts make these two mistakes: (1) using the word “transition” instead of “revolution,” and (2) trying to “contain conflict” that is a natural and inevitable part of the revolutionary process. ... more

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Hate speech laws around the world are used to curtail freedoms of groups as diverse as Christian street preachers and famous perfume makers. American respect for free speech—even if it’s offensive— is unique. ... more

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Are we putting on a show of deliberative democracy, where the American people take extra steps to express their will to their elected officials, but at the end of the day, the political trump calls pulls all? ... more

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Power corrupts. Insulated power corrupts corrosively. ... more

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I'd say it is a rare if not miraculous gift to be able to rewind history and see so clearly what would have happened if we hadn't stopped Saddam Hussein's continued attacks and depredations. ... more