Demagoguery on Townhall

Bill Murchison - Tue Jul 14

Kate Andrews - Tue Aug 20

On Monday, left-leaning, Mother Jones blogger Kevin Drum expressed his frustration with the backlash of hostile, twitter responses to his recent criticisms of the NSA. ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Thu May 23

Wow. I thought I hit on the key issues in my post on the anti-Apple demagoguery, but Senator Paul hit the ball out of the park. ... more

Guy Benson - Fri Feb 22

Ben Shapiro - Wed Jan 30

President Obama is a uniquely gifted demagogue. An orator of unparalleled skill supported by a gushing media, Obama has yet to present a major policy proposal geared toward solving specific problems. But he has won elections. And he has done so by implying -- over and over and over again -- that his opponents are morally deficient. ... more

Ben Shapiro - Thu Jan 17

Last week, I appeared on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight." For the past few weeks, Morgan had been inviting gun rights defenders ranging from the reasonable to the nutty, and then slamming them by appealing to the memory of the children slain at Sandy Hook. ... more

Christina Villegas - Tue May 15

The Senate’s recent passage of legislation reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act was a victory for demagoguery over open and honest discussion of problematic social issues. ... more

Guy Benson - Tue Apr 3

David Limbaugh - Fri Mar 23

It's one thing for good-faith conservative Republicans to challenge the Ryan plan from the right if they believe its cuts are too small and too slow, but these liberal attacks are something else again. ... more

Pat Buchanan - Tue Jan 17

"They're vultures that are sitting out there on the tree limb, waiting for a company to get sick, and then they swoop in ... eat the carcass ... and ... leave the skeleton." ... more

Pat Buchanan - Fri Jan 6

In what The Washington Post called "a bold act of political defiance," President Obama Wednesday announced the recess appointment of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Dec 4

“Tax breaks for the wealthy!” ... more