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Conn Carroll - Thu Oct 10

Heritage Action for America voiced disagreement with Republican plans to give President Obama a clean debt limit increase, but also said they would not score the vote since it lets Republicans focus on defunding Obamacare. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Oct 10

Late Thursday morning, House Republicans ?offered President Obama a debt ceiling increase in return for a conference on the budget. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Oct 10

House Republicans announced late Thursday morning before a meeting with President Obama at the White House that they are offering a temporary, six week debt ceiling increase in exchange for the ability to go to conference over the budget. ... more

Conn Carroll - Thu Oct 10

The architects of the Defund Obamacare strategy are tired of the debt limit debate stealing headlines from the government shutdown. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed Oct 9

As the debt ceiling debate rages in Washington with no deal in sight, a new ?Rasmussen Report shows a majority of Americans believe the United States will likely default on its debt. ... more

Kevin Glass - Tue Oct 8

President Reagan dealt with Democrats in Congress using the debt limit to extract budget concessions multiple times. ... more

Conn Carroll - Tue Oct 8

Obama will settle for nothing less than the full repeal of the debt limit. What should Republicans ask for in return? ... more

Conn Carroll - Mon Oct 7

President Obama will never default on US debt. Instead, he will delay Social Security and Medicare payments and blame Republicans for the resulting chaos. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Mon Oct 7

One week ago at midnight, the federal government 'shutdown.' ... more

Rich Galen - Mon Oct 7

Conn Carroll - Fri Oct 4

This government shutdown is not a petty fight between President Obama and House Republicans. It is just the latest battle in the over 200 year fight between Congress and the Executive. ... more

Conn Carroll - Thu Oct 3

Now that the government shutdown will last through the debt limit deadline, Republican leaders want to know what members want from Obama. ... more

Conn Carroll - Wed Oct 2

House Leadership always wanted to fight on the debt limit, but the needed a united caucus first. ... more

Conn Carroll - Tue Oct 1

Why November 1st is the real drop dead date for this fiscal fight. ... more