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Brooke Carlucci - Tue Aug 11

If presidential nominee Ted Cruz were given the opportunity to ask Hillary Clinton one question it would be this: Why should anyone believe a third term of the same failed policies would produce anything different. ... more

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Last nights debate was certainly an exciting start to the 2016 campaign. ... more

Matt Vespa - Thu Aug 6

"We have been debatingright herethe core difference between conservatism and progressivism." ... more

Daniel Doherty - Thu Aug 6

Kids table. ... more

D.W. Wilber - Wed Aug 5

Leah Barkoukis - Tue Aug 4

Everyone seems OK with it, except Rick Santorum. ... more

Brooke Carlucci - Tue Aug 4

Many of us are anticipating this Thursdays GOP debate, particularly Donald Trumps whimsical touch. Fortunately, Fox Newss debate moderator Chris Wallace has devised an opportunity for Trump to do so in his preparation. ... more

Josh Pinho - Mon Aug 3

Rich Galen - Mon Aug 3