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Stewart Scott - Fri Sep 9

The Zambada legal team’s July 29 motion caused quite a stir by claiming that the U.S. government had cut a deal with the Sinaloa Federation via the group’s lawyer, Humberto Loya Castro, in which El Chapo and El Mayo would provide intelligence to the U.S. government regarding rival cartels. In exchange, the U.S. government would not interfere in Sinaloa’s drug trafficking. ... more

Helen Whalen Cohen - Sat Aug 6

Katie Pavlich - Wed Jul 27

Katie Pavlich - Tue Jul 26

John C. Goodman - Sun Jun 19

“How many of you have not been able to get a drug you needed to properly deliver anesthesia to a patient?” I asked. Every hand in the room went up. “How did that affect your patients?” I asked. “Two of our patients died,” one woman answered. ... more