David Dewhurst on Townhall

Christine Rousselle - Thu May 8

Dewhurst isn't going to "let it go" any time soon. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Mon Jul 8

Bill Murchison - Tue Aug 7

Language, in politics, gets you only so far, but sometimes "so far" is far enough. ... more

Michael Barone - Mon Aug 6

But there's a pattern here that the big liberal press has been reluctant to recognize: Candidates from the GOP establishment are getting knocked off by challengers with less name recognition, far less money and the support of the tea party movement. The tea party was supposed to be dead and gone, you know. ... more

Matt Mackowiak - Fri Aug 3

Tea party insurgent Ted Cruz’s thrilling and improbable victory over Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in Texas’s GOP Senate primary provides a model for future long-shot candidates to follow, though repeating what Cruz did will be difficult. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Thu Jul 26

Early voting is underway in Texas right now and goes on through Friday. If you are a Texas GOP voter, go to TedCruz.org and find out where you can go and cast your vote for Ted Cruz. ... more