David Cameron on Townhall

Elisabeth Meinecke - Mon Oct 3

Michael Youssef - Sun Sep 25

For a person who loves people regardless of their chosen sin, I am flabbergasted - but not surprised - by this runaway train that leads us to the same fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. ... more

Rachel Marsden - Tue Sep 20

As a conservative in favor of limited government, I'm often asked what kind of government intervention I do support. The answer is simple: I'm in support of people doing anything they want in a free and democratic society -- until their actions infringe on my freedom or anyone else's. ... more

Ken Connor - Sun Aug 28

You have to hand it to the British… they don’t mince words. Speaking of the violent civil unrest that erupted across London in recent weeks, Prime Minister David Cameron offered a frank assessment of the motives – or lack thereof – behind the chaos ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Aug 16

As in America with its flash mobs and curfews imposed in Philadelphia and considered in Kansas City and other cities, British rioters were not spontaneous creations. They developed from moral and relational decisions made decades ago. ... more

Cal Thomas - Thu Aug 11

If civility, right and wrong, personal responsibility and accountability and the right to life, liberty and personal property are not values worthy of being passed on to the next generation, then their opposites will be taught by default. ... more

Cliff May - Thu Aug 4

Who deserves the blame for the terrorist attacks in Norway? My answer would be the perpetrator and no one else -- unless it turns out there really is a modern Knights Templar or some other organized movement that sent him on his mission of mass murder. ... more

Michael Gerson - Thu Jul 21

Prime Minister David Cameron's largest public test began with a hasty return from an African trade mission. His staff had debated canceling the trip entirely, but decided this would give the appearance of being "besieged." ... more

Rich Tucker - Thu Jun 16

American decline isn't inevitable, but it is certainly possible. As Steyn warns, "Without serious course correction, we will see the end of the Anglo-American era, and the eclipse of the powers that built the modern world." ... more

Humberto Fontova - Wed Jun 1

After two years of legal wrangling radio-host Michael Savage is still banned from setting foot in Britain. The original ban handed down in May 2009 was explained by former Labor Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. ... more

Brian Birdnow - Wed Jun 1

Last week David Brooks, the faux-conservative columnist at the New York Times penned a column extolling the British national political system. The piece, written to coincide with President Obama’s visit to Europe, praised Britain for moving to social democracy in the early Twentieth Century. ... more

Brian Birdnow - Sun May 29

Is it any wonder that no one pays attention to him or to the New York Times anymore? ... more

Bruce Bialosky - Mon May 16

I don’t often write about the situation in the Middle East because more often than not, the principal concern is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As a man of Jewish faith, I am perceived as a partisan for Israel and thus my opinion is often discounted. ... more

Terry Paulson - Mon May 9

Osama Bin Laden is dead, but we mustn’t lose sight of our major focus in the Middle East—stopping the advance and attacks from radical Islam and supporting our critical allies. Instability remains. ... more

Ross Mackenzie - Thu Mar 31

It was not the dread Chamber of Commerce (to hear President Obama tell it), but a union... ... more

Ross Mackenzie - Thu Mar 3

A March mixture of comments about items in the news.... ... more

Rick Santorum - Fri Feb 18

America used to pride itself on the acceptance of differences toward the larger purpose of building a better America. ... more

Emmett Tyrrell - Thu Feb 17

In pronouncing multiculturalism defunct, the French president joins German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australia's former prime minister John Howard, Spain's former premier Jose Maria Aznar and, most recently, British Prime Minister David Cameron in heaving a failed policy into history's dustbin. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Feb 13

It appears as if this multicultural smack we’re being sold in the U.S. didn’t work out too well in the U.K. ... more