David Cameron on Townhall

Andre Walker - Tue Sep 29

LONDON, United Kingdom The British government has demanded the addition of four of its own citizens to the UN's list of Jihadis facing international sanctions. This is the first time the UK has asked for its own passport holders to have their assets frozen and be prevented from travelling, according to the BBC. ... more

Andre Walker - Wed Sep 9

The British government has confirmed it will continue its new policy of killing its own citizens who are fighting for the Islamic State (IS) ... more

Andre Walker - Sun Aug 30

LONDON, United Kingdom The former head of the British Army, Lord Richards, has said the rise of the Islamic State is a result of a liberal agenda. Richards claimed the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, lacked the balls to take the fight to the country's enemies causing many of the problems in the region today. ... more

Cal Thomas - Thu Aug 20

Andre Walker - Mon Jul 6

British politicians have always been renowned experts at 'gobbing off' about the European Union. The sport has a few simple rules: rant a lot with no real desire to achieve anything. It's a sport that has been the mainstay of the Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, since he took office in 2010. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Mon May 11

Getting out. ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue May 5

Conn Carroll - Fri Jan 16

Obama asks for 60 or more days to make a deal. ... more

Cal Thomas - Wed Dec 3

Katie Pavlich - Wed Oct 1

Change. ... more

Cortney O'Brien - Fri Aug 29

Unlike someone we know, it sounds like Prime Minister David Cameron has a strategy. ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Thu Aug 28

As the people of Scotland prepare to vote on their independence Sept. 18, UK Prime Minister David Cameron warns that the divide would result in a devastating blow to Scotland's economic viability. ... more