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America - Wed Oct 3

Tucker Carlson responds to the president's ad-libbed remarks to a predominantly African-American audience back in 2007. ... more

America - Wed Oct 3

Rachel Maddow criticizes conservative media for using the race card to analyze the recently released Obama speech from 2007. ... more

America - Tue Sep 18

Recent reports by the Daily Caller reveal the Department of Justice and Media Matters conspired to deflect bad press about Attorney General Eric Holder. ... more

New York, NY - Tue Jun 19

Referencing Daily Caller's Neil Munro and his run-in with the President last Friday, Stephen Colbert termed the incident "POTUS Interruptus" and made fun of Obama's long pauses in his speeches. Colbert went on to say that you "never know when the President is going to end something" in reference to Guantanamo Bay. ... more