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Baptist Press - Tue Sep 25

Group: DADT repeal has harmed religious liberty ... more

Austin Nimocks - Wed Jun 13

It seems that more and more, a small contingent in America is constantly pressuring the majority of Americans to acquiesce to their demands. And to achieve success, the contingent exaggerates its own numbers, so as to seem less peripheral than it really is. ... more

Gary McCaleb - Sun May 20

When President Obama prepared to repeal the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy in July 2011, defenders of marriage and religious freedom warned that the repeal would open Pandora’s Box. ... more

Michael Brown - Sat May 12

We know the story well: Barack Obama was for same-sex “marriage” (1996) before he was against it (2004) before he was for it (2012), although in 2008, he was apparently for it and against it (although mainly against it). ... more

Sandy Rios - Thu Dec 15

As the issue of allowing gays to openly serve in the military raged last year, Mitt Romney let it be known he roundly opposed the idea. He was outraged, incensed. Many conservatives were certain this was the real Mitt revealing himself after years of having to pretend to embrace gay rights as governor of Massachusetts. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Sep 28

Liberals, whose entire political strategy is the smoke and mirrors of showbiz, have concluded that Rick Perry put in a poor performance at last week's Republican debate and has got to step up his debating technique to get back in the game. ... more Staff - Tue Sep 20

Gary McCaleb - Mon Sep 19

For over a year, ADF and decorated, high-ranking veteran chaplains have warned that DADT repeal will harm military religious liberty. One of the most significant threats is that the lack of strong regulations protecting chaplains and service members from “sexual orientation discrimination” complaints will chill free speech and freedom of religion. ... more

Baptist Press - Fri Jul 22

Obama, Pentagon certify DADT repeal ... more

Frank Gaffney - Tue Jun 28

One of the more sordid moments in recent congressional history came during last December's lame-duck session. ... more

Ross Mackenzie - Thu Apr 28

With key institutions grown effete, standards of right and wrong descend into a moral miasma of relativistic goo. ... more

Robert Knight - Wed Apr 6

"We used to conform behavior to the military. Now we're conforming the military to behavior." ... more

Ross Mackenzie - Thu Mar 17

Will the President's passivity regarding Libya rank among his greatest failings of all? ... more

Larry Elder - Thu Mar 3

"Racist!" shouted some Columbia University students at an Iraq War vet. Other students reportedly "hissed and booed." Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who spoke at Columbia three years earlier, received better treatment from the audience. ... more

Salena Zito - Sun Jan 2

Just because you say something does not make it true, no matter how many times you say it or how many people repeat it. ... more

Tony Blankley - Wed Dec 29

Don't believe all the Washington talk that President Obama had a great lame duck session and goes into the new year and the new 112th congress with the whip hand. Utter nonsense. ... more

Alan Sears - Tue Dec 28

Someday, historians will record the Senate’s repeal last week of the imperfect “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy regarding homosexual behavior in the military as the loss of a battle. ... more

Byron York - Mon Dec 27

How could a government that was broken just a few months earlier according to Joe Biden suddenly become so productive according to Obama? ... more

Douglas MacKinnon - Tue Dec 21

While this is still a vastly majority Christian nation, liberals are doing everything in their power to eradicate Christ, Christmas, and “Merry Christmas” from our lives. ... more