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Don't just do something, Mr. President. Stand there. ... more

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I am concerned about what I see in America today. Never before has the government controlled such a large part of the economy. This trend was prevalent long before the most recent recession, but has become drastically worse since then. ... more

Oliver North - Fri Jun 10

Sixty-seven years ago this week, more than 155,000 U.S., British and Canadian troops assaulted German defenses in Normandy, France, during Operation Overlord. The USS Laffey, the most decorated World War II destroyer in existence -- normally an exhibit at this magnificent museum but now undergoing repairs -- was there on D-Day. ... more

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At 12:09 this morning, as I was watching the coverage of the events surrounding President Obama's announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden, I tweeted: "Wonder if we'll ever find out which member of the assault team took the shot that killed bin Laden?" ... more

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Egypt's presdient not going to play the role assigned him in the White House script that has him resigning and fleeing Egypt in the face of mass demonstrations in Tahrir Square. ... more

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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has just ruled that a Christian cross meant to honor fallen military heroes is unconstitutional because it “projects a government endorsement of Christianity.” ... more

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Just 12 years old when the 34th President of the United States retired to his beloved Pennsylvania farm, David Eisenhower was uniquely positioned to observe what it was like to become a former President of the United States. ... more