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Long live the 99, err, 98 percent!* (*98 percent for descriptive purposes only- not intended to be an actual value.) ... more

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What's to be done with the strange story, tabloid saga, curious case and general embarrassment that is The Honorable -- how ludicrous that title now sounds -- Anthony Weiner, congressman from New York's Ninth District and national object of derision? ... more

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When a journalist makes a concerted attempt to edit provocative comments out of the public record, it’s usually an indication that the remarks in question count as uncomfortably revealing. ... more

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It's a tough time for President Obama. He's worked long and hard at cultivating a nuanced, thinking-man's presidency, and now he's getting praise for shooting a terrorist in the head? What a guttural, simplistic thing to receive acclaim for. ... more

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By bombing Libya, President Obama accomplished some things once thought absolutely impossible in America. One of these is war-mongering liberals. ... more

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There isn't a shred of evidence that deranged Tucson massacre suspect Jared Loughner ever listened to talk radio or cared about illegal immigration. But that hasn't stopped a coalition of power-grabbing politicians, progressive activists and open-borders lobbyists from plying their quack cure for the American body politic. ... more

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The Tucson Massacre dominated the political discourse in America. That is a symptom of a preoccupation with politics that narrows our possibilities as a society to renew the American spirit, society and culture. ... more

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Parents of teen girls and boys alike must take the time to be informed and talk openly with their children about the barrage of hypersexual media that permeates our culture. ... more