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Peter Schiff - Sat Jun 14

Dave Ramsey - Tue Apr 15

Charles Payne - Fri Dec 13

David Spady - Fri Feb 15

Americans live in a consumer culture. We like to buy things. When we can’t afford to purchase something we really want, we turn to credit cards and loans, even though we end up paying more due to interest payments. Over half the population paid interest on credit cards in the past year. “Buy now – pay later”. ... more

John Ransom - Tue Oct 18

This is the first presidency in history that has substituted a policy platform for a list of demands. The mistake that many made was thinking those demands were a Christmas shopping list, when in fact they were a demand for your indenture to the federal government. ... more

Marybeth Hicks - Wed Oct 5

If you’ve been too busy holding down a job (or two), juggling the demands of a busy family, engaging in community service, and occasionally taking the wife and kids out for a pizza on a Saturday night, you may not have noticed that several thousand protesters have “occupied” Wall Street, Washington DC, and other locations across the United States for the past three weeks or so. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Wed Jul 6

Before any project can be economically viable, labor costs must be addressed, and that is exactly why we need to scrap Davis-Bacon and all prevailing wage laws. We also need to eliminate collective bargaining of public unions, preferably getting rid of public unions in entirety. ... more

Terry Savage - Sun Jul 3

There are many rip-offs out there, promising help and charging steep fees. That can only add to your woes. But it's even worse to ignore the situation and hope the debt collectors will give up on finding you. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Jun 19

“Why….have you been unable to convince businesses to hire more people, Mr. President?” The assumption here is that American businesses hire new employees because they are “convinced” to do so by the U.S. President. ... more

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz - Wed Feb 23

Dear Carrie: I'm in college, and next semester my student loan goes directly to me for the first time. Since it must last the whole school year, I'm worried it won't make it ... more

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz - Wed Feb 9

Dear Carrie: My fiance and I are tying the knot in April. We're in our late 30s and are really looking forward to our new life together. My big concern is that we haven't spent much time talking about our finances because I know money differences are a big cause of marital problems. What can we do to avoid this? ... more

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz - Wed Dec 22

Dear Carrie: I'm 28 and have almost $4,000 in credit card debt -- less than a year after I worked extra hours (and didn't go out) to pay down even higher balances on those same cards. ... more

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz - Wed Dec 8

This week, Carrie interviews Farnoosh Torabi, CBS MoneyWatch columnist and author of "Psych Yourself Rich: Get the Mindset and Discipline You Need to Build Your Financial Life." ... more

Bruce Bialosky - Mon Dec 6

Many well-meaning people argue that the estate tax, commonly called the "death tax" by its detractors, is necessary. Their first reason is "fairness," which they can't really explain because everyone has their own opinion of what is "fair." ... more