Crazy on Townhall

Ann Coulter - Wed Nov 2

By spending the last three decades leveling accusations of "racism" every 10 seconds, liberals have made it virtually impossible for Americans to recognize real racism -- for example, the racism constantly spewed at black conservatives. ... more

AP News - Sun Oct 30

Kevin McCullough - Sun Oct 23

During this past week while President Obama was out campaigning for re-election... (er... I mean 'selling his jobs bill') the most indictable evidence of his failure was made evident to all. ... more

Jonah Goldberg - Fri Oct 21

Joe Biden is not a big effing deal, as he might say. In fairness, few vice presidents matter, and Biden suffers by comparison to his immediate predecessor, who mattered more than most. ... more

Gil Morales and Chris Kacher - Sat Oct 15

The market's rally over the past few days as of October 14, 2011 illustrates quite clearly how the short side can cause one headaches, but persistence is often required. Not many have the requisite psychology, and some might say you have to be downright crazy to short. ... more