Crazy on Townhall

Crystal Wright - Thu Nov 3

As we find ourselves gliding through another week of political headlines, I continue to be amazed by the ream of personal attacks mounted against Herman Cain by black liberals. From calling Cain a “sell out” to “Uncle Tom” because he chooses to be a Republican doesn’t sound like progressive talk to me but rather backwards racist talk. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Nov 2

By spending the last three decades leveling accusations of "racism" every 10 seconds, liberals have made it virtually impossible for Americans to recognize real racism -- for example, the racism constantly spewed at black conservatives. ... more

AP News - Sun Oct 30

Kevin McCullough - Sun Oct 23

During this past week while President Obama was out campaigning for re-election... (er... I mean 'selling his jobs bill') the most indictable evidence of his failure was made evident to all. ... more

Jonah Goldberg - Fri Oct 21

Joe Biden is not a big effing deal, as he might say. In fairness, few vice presidents matter, and Biden suffers by comparison to his immediate predecessor, who mattered more than most. ... more