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Now. . . If I could just figure out how to print my own money, I’d be happy to help Bernanke out with his QE. ... more

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As drug coverage has become more common, special interests (mainly pharmacy trade groups) are pressuring lawmakers to impose self-serving regulations on health insurance drug plans. ... more

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Some 200 retailers nationally opened their doors on Thanksgiving Day, and a lot of others did so at midnight. Shoes, jewelry, sporting goods, flat-screen TVs, fancy chocolate -- if you wanted it, you could buy it before the football games were finished. ... more

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The Obama administration is well-known for its heavy-handed regulatory overreach, and letting government decide winners and losers instead of the free market. No better example of the Obama administration’s contempt for free enterprise is at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is currently considering how to proceed with its investigation into whether Google uses its position in Internet search to steer users to the company’s preferred services and away from those of its competitors. And while the agency ponders whether to bring a formal complaint against the company, there's a real danger that it may confuse aiding Google's competitors with serving consumers. ... more