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In the wake of all the news about Snowden, the Zimmerman trial, and the updated Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, there's been an on-going piece of news that's mostly slipped underneath the radar: the GOP is looking to make huge cuts in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). ... more

Brett Bogus - Wed Jun 12

According to Singapore's president, Alain Vandenborre, Singapore is the only place in the world that "offers the required stability, neutrality and security" that Switzerland once provided. Apparently, they aren't the only ones who believe thi ... more

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Analysts have reset their expectations for a basket of commodities. Here's how investors can turn the bear market to their advantage. ... more

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Bernanke has indicated that the Fed will maintain both zero percent interest rates and massive QE into the foreseeable future. We must assume that such moves will continue to create dubiously impressive trends in spending and stocks. ... more

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The only people that make serious money in commodities trading are the brokers. They pocket hefty commissions from clients that speculate on gold, wheat, oil, cattle, lumber and even coffee. But that gravy train is ending. ... more

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Do commodities also have a place in your portfolio? After all, they seem to rise and fall with alacrity, and investors often only notice them after they've made sharp gains or plunges. ... more

Peter Schiff - Sat Mar 2

Growing rumors last month of a potential "tightening" of monetary policy - seemingly confirmed by the Fed minutes released on Feb. 20th - have spooked the precious metals markets, leading to a 5.8% correction in gold and 10.2% in silver. However, these fears are preposterous on two counts. ... more

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Gold and silver actually got the better of it with the price of gold staying largely in sync with gains by the dollar. A sudden jump in the silver/gold ratio indicates silver got hit harder by the selling. ... more