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Bill Murchison - Tue Nov 22

In the great scheme of things -- greater things than worldlings imagine on a trip to the mall -- it doesn't matter a bit that Texas A & M and the University of Texas are winding up their celebrated Thanksgiving Day, football rivalry. ... more

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Paul Greenberg - Fri Nov 11

Count me among the many thousands, maybe millions, who long admired, applauded and -- I admit it -- loved Joe Paterno. He seemed the embodiment of everything that used to be fine in college sports as he made sure his student athletes were students first, the kind who graduate. In every other way he seemed to adhere to the code of a gentleman. And now this. ... more

Steve Deace - Wed Nov 9

Over the course of six decades, Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has been considered a paragon of virtue. His exploits both on and off the field have given him iconic status. ... more

Rich Tucker - Tue Nov 8

Money, like water, is almost impossible to contain. Hold it down someplace, it’ll bubble up someplace else. That’s why the solution to what some see as college football’s current dilemma (money is crushing the sport) would be to stop attempting to contain the market and instead to allow the sport to generate even more money. ... more

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