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Political Calculations - Thu Mar 1

Increases in financial aid have increased tuition rates until they are unaffordable. ... more

Dennis Prager - Wed Feb 29

As high school seniors throughout America will be receiving acceptance letters to colleges within the next month, it would be nice for parents to meditate on what they are getting for the $20–$50,000 they will pay each year. ... more

Thomas Sowell - Tue Feb 21

It is fascinating to see people accusing others of things that they themselves are doing, especially when their own sins are worse. ... more

Mike Adams - Tue Feb 21

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been preparing for an abortion debate at Marquette University. Now, it appears that I will be giving a speech on abortion instead of participating in a debate. ... more

Kyle Olson - Fri Feb 17

If the taxpayers of Delaware aren't startled by the following news, nothing will bother them. ... more

Thomas Sowell - Wed Jan 18

One of the ways of trying to reduce the vast disparities in economic success, which are common in countries around the world, is by making higher education more widely available, even for people without the money to pay for it. ... more

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. - Tue Jan 10

Much political noise has been made about providing grants and/or loans for higher education. For minorities, these programs are seen as invitations for full participation in the American system. ... more

Mike Adams - Tue Dec 20

Hamline University is not a liberal arts college as it claims to be. It is an illiberal arts college that has just disgraced itself in the national court of public opinion. Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer was hired to teach at the school but then abruptly canned by those who did not want even a single high-profile conservative faculty member. ... more

Bruce Bialosky - Mon Nov 14

The question is not only if it’s worth it, but whether the left has, in effect, established a system that not only indoctrinates young Americans, but soaks them financially as well – and, incidentally, provides the ordained an exceedingly opulent lifestyle. ... more

Emmett Tyrrell - Thu Nov 10

Someday the historians will acknowledge that by the time of his death in 2008, liberalism was on the run and Buckley's conservatism was chasing it. ... more

Mike Adams - Wed Nov 9

There are a number of differences between the college students of the 1960s and the college students of today. ... more

Brian McNicoll - Wed Nov 9

I don’t agree we should forgive college loans, but I do believe it’s time to rethink the whole premise of government aid and college. ... more

Katie Kieffer - Mon Nov 7

Steve Jobs was suspended from high school for playing a salacious prank on the graduating senior class. Biographer Walter Isaacson says Jobs and his friends tie-dyed a bedsheet with the school colors and enlisted one of their mothers to paint a large hand extending its middle finger across the sheet. ... more

Mike Adams - Sat Oct 29

Julio Pino is a genocidal anti-Semite who uses his university email account to boast of sodomizing the mothers of his political opponents. But he has the protection of tenure. And he also has the protection of a cowardly administration, which fails to sufficiently condemn the behavior of a man who is probably too effeminate to act on his threats of violence and intimidation. ... more

Mike Adams - Mon Oct 10

I suppose the fall of America could best be traced to a failure to grasp one simple idea; namely, that ideas have consequences. Of course, that also means that bad ideas have very bad consequences. ... more

Paul Jacob - Sun Oct 9

Another upheaval of protest. Should it, too, be dismissed as "astroturf" and "partisan"? ... more

Ryan James Girdusky - Thu Oct 6

The left have rightful grudge against corrupt government actions; all the while they maintain a childlike belief that government will act in their best interests if only there was just more government. It is mind baffling to see such an anemic argument by a large group who has no in-depth understanding about the difference between corporatism and free market or how government discredited capitalism. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Tue Oct 4

What's happening at the University of Arkansas is part of a national trend to dumb down the curriculum. ... more