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Michael Hausam - Mon Aug 17

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President Obama has gone on a college-affordability blitz over the last week, preaching to choirs of students that his new proposals will make college cheaper and easier to pay for. ... more

Walter E. Williams - Wed Apr 24

What we see on college campuses represents a dereliction of duty by boards of trustees, which bear the ultimate responsibility. Wealthy donors who care about the fraud of higher education should recognize that there's nothing like the sound of pocketbooks snapping shut to open the closed minds of college administrators. ... more

Mike Adams - Wed Feb 6

I think the time has come for a line item veto in higher education. The people of North Carolina are being bankrupted by higher education spending that is simply not academic in nature. The problem was once confined to UNC’s flagship campus in Chapel Hill. But now it has spread like a cancer throughout the entire UNC system. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Oct 11

Debra J. Saunders - Sun Sep 16

"No family should have to set aside a college acceptance letter because they don't have the money," President Barack Obama told the Democratic National Convention as he accepted his party's nomination in Charlotte, N.C., this month. ... more

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What do New York Times' columnist David Brooks, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, and Thomas Nelson Publishing Chairman Michael Hyatt all have in common? ... more

Cal Thomas - Thu May 3

It is something of a truism that whenever the federal government steps in, costs usually rise and efficiency declines. That is especially true when it comes to a college education, which President Obama promised during the 2008 campaign to make more affordable. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Sun Apr 29

If insanity is doing the same thing again and again but expecting a different outcome, then the federal government's strategy for keeping higher education affordable is crazier than Norman Bates. ... more

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Maybe what we all need is a little more courtesy. ... more

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How many times have you heard Barack Obama talk about "investing" in education? Quite a few, if you've been listening to the president at all. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Sun Apr 1

Political activism has drawn the University of California into an academic death spiral. Too many professors believe their job is to "advance social justice" rather than teach the subject they were hired to teach. Groupthink has replaced lively debate. ... more

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The angry, populist tone of the seemingly endless battle for the GOP presidential nomination may cripple the Republican Party in building a long-term connection with the fastest growing group of swing voters in the overall electorate: college graduates. ... more

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In so-called "March in March" protests, thousands of students in California universities recently demonstrated in outrage over spiraling tuition costs. ... more

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Commentators, not all of them Democrats, have been having a field day since GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum charged Barack Obama with snobbery for pushing the idea that everyone needs a college education. ... more

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Increases in financial aid have increased tuition rates until they are unaffordable. ... more