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Sen. Cruz is half Cuban. ... more

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Kernen laments the incompetence of fact checkers and calls Krugman a Communist. ... more

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As I have told you before, I watch CNBC in the morning because I know about as much about politics as most of the guests on the morning cable news programs who talk about politics, but I know nearly nothing about finance so I watch the guests on CNBC who talk about finance. ... more

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Alchemists were enlisted to find the magic formula for something out of nothing. The alchemists of the past have nothing over the U.S. bankers of today. ... more

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Rep. Paul Ryan gives the plan a thumbs-up. Supply-side mentor Art Laffer tells me it would be "far, far better than the current system." And Chris Chocola, president of the free-market Club for Growth, calls it "a truly revolutionary tax reform that would amount to a massive job-creating tax cut on investments, savings and income." ... more

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For those of you who have been following my guidelines with your hedges, now that we’ve seen this move in the S&P it’s time to roll your position back up. Just like you rolled down your protection and took money off the table when we saw that big break—taking advantage of the volatility and what I call that explosion spread—now is the time to roll it up. Active management of your hedge is the key. ... more