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August's abysmally weak job growth proved yet again that Barack Obama's economic policies are a miserable failure that will continue to undermine our country until he leaves office. ... more

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Paul Greenberg - Wed Sep 5

Maybe it's a function of what's been called the Information Age, which has become more of a digital data age. We're deluged with bytes, mega- and giga-, but not knowledge. Let alone understanding. As for insight, any hope of that was eclipsed long ago by the klieg-light glare of constant exposure. And over-exposure. ... more

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More than anything, what the just completed Republican convention showed is that Mitt Romney is an incredibly decent, moral, and honorable man. ... more

Crystal Wright - Sat Sep 1

Mitt Romney needed to hit a home run with his nomination speech at the Republican National Convention. Put another way, Romney needed to prove he was Batman to Ryan’s Robin and not the other way around, as a Tampa Bay Times editorial cartoon featured him August 30th. I think he did that, if you evaluate him for the content and substance of his speech rather than judging him on pageant standards of congeniality the mainstream media use to praise and prop up a failing President Obama. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Sat Sep 1

Clint Eastwood put on an odd skit Thursday night at the Republican National Convention. It was awkward to watch and hard to hear, but I have to hand it to Eastwood. He achieved the impossible; he made the gaffe-prone Mitt Romney come across as supremely tactful. ... more

Oliver North - Fri Aug 31

MY LIVING ROOM COUCH -- It was the political convention that almost wasn't. In the run-up to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Democrats and their fellow travelers in the so-called mainstream media claimed that the GOP was waging a "war against women," depicted Mitt Romney as a heartless felon responsible for the death of a woman who lost her health insurance and blasted Romney for choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate. ... more

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In case you were wondering, Fox News Channel won the ratings war for the 10-11 pm slot Wednesday night when Condoleezza Rice, Susana Martinez and Paul Ryan delivered their speeches. ... more

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