Climate Change on Townhall

John Ransom - Tue Apr 16

In the April edition, the publication Nature Climate Change acknowledges that global warming has been paused, at least between the period from 2000 to 2010. This time the culprit is the most ingenious energy storage mechanism ever- the ocean. Oh my. ... more

Marita Noon - Sun Apr 14

The tree thefts are just one of the bizarre consequences of the EU’s adoption of the climate change narrative. One of the newest revelations, reported by The Economist, is: “By far the largest so-called renewable fuel used in Europe is wood”—which it calls “the fuel of the future.” ... more

John Ransom - Tue Apr 2

If only everyone would be gay for a few days per year, it seems G. Roger is saying, we could be more ethical, unrestrained, under-populated, democratic and, most importantly, a lot colder. Or warmer if you live in one of those places that is unfortunate enough to be colder as a result of global warming. ... more

Tom Borelli - Tue Mar 26

President Obama has made it clear, both in word and action, that climate-change regulation is a top priority for his second term. Putting aside the legitimate questions about the science behind climate-change alarmism, the nomination of Gina McCarthy as EPA administrator is just the latest sign that the president is determined to push a market-subverting, economy-handcuffing energy agenda on the American people. ... more

Susan Stamper Brown - Tue Mar 12

To understand the environmentalists' theology you must check common sense at the door. On the surface, wind turbines seem like a great alternative to fossil fuel. But the dirty little secret is fossil fuels are used to fill in during down times. ... more

Paul Driessen - Mon Mar 4

In his first address as Secretary of State, John Kerry said we must safeguard “the most sacred trust” we owe to our children and grandchildren: “an environment not ravaged by rising seas, deadly superstorms, devastating droughts, and the other hallmarks of a dramatically changing climate.” ... more

Charles Payne - Thu Feb 28

Part of the fear-mongering campaign is to insult people that think independently of the hype and conventional wisdom. To that end, we hear about the devastation of global warming based largely on economic loss. Of course man is moving into areas where people never lived before and the replacement cost for structures is a lot higher. ... more

02/20/2013 - Wed Feb 20

John Kerry during his first foreign policy speech since being confirmed as Secretary of State addressed the global threat of climate change. ... more

John Ransom - Mon Jan 21

Don’t we mere mortals know that our puny powers of reason and deduction are impervious to the powers granted to the Society of Ethical Geophysicists by the government of the United Nations? ... more

Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Dec 18

While President Obama and Speaker John Boehner are wrestling with whether or not they will agree to raise taxes, United Nations delegates partying in Doha, Qatar are planning to impose a new kind of tax on Americans. U.N. conferees have been discussing how they can start a global tax that would hit Americans hard. ... more

David Rothbard - Wed Dec 5

Doha sets stage for another environmental power grab to “prevent dangerous global warming” ... more

Kyle Olson - Tue Dec 4

Social justice activist teachers see natural disasters like the recent Hurricane Sandy as opportunities to bring their political agendas into the classroom. And they rarely miss an opportunity. ... more