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David Harsanyi - Fri Feb 18

Every year government grows, each time a state assigns itself new duties, the monopoly expands. Education is just the worst example. ... more

Marybeth Hicks - Wed Feb 9

Civility is making the headlines lately, but if you dig a bit deeper, barbarism is the real story. ... more

Ken Connor - Tue Feb 8

One of the hallmarks of contemporary Liberalism is an embrace of multiculturalism. A truly progressive society, so the thinking goes, is one in which people from all walks of life – all racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds – can coexist harmoniously, even though they have radically different world views and conflicting notions about how to order themselves in society. ... more

Salena Zito - Sun Jan 30

MILFORD, Pa. – Less than a quarter-mile from the Columns, the stunning home of the Pike County Historical Society’s museum in the Delaware River Highlands, lies the grave of Charles Van Wyck, a former Republican New York congressman, U.S. senator from Nebraska, and Civil War hero. ... more

Janice Shaw Crouse - Fri Jan 28

President Obama’s State of the Union address was arguably his best opportunity since his mid-term “shellacking” to seriously address the debt and deficit issues that threaten America’s economic stability now and far into our grandchildren’s future. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Jan 26

Positioning yourself as the party of nastiness and polarization may play well with small elements of your base, but can hardly qualify as a winning political strategy. ... more

Janice Shaw Crouse - Sat Jan 22

In these times when irrational hatreds erupt in such terrifying tragedy, Rodney King’s nearly 20-year-old question re-echoes. Hard experience answers: No, not really. Not in this fallen world. ... more

Michael Gerson - Fri Jan 21

With Americans shocked into reflection on the desperate, divisive tone of their politics, it is worth asking: Why, other than upbringing, should we be civil in the first place? ... more

Linda Chavez - Fri Jan 21

Civility in public discourse is important, but it should not be used as an excuse to stifle legitimate debate or denude our language of color, passion, or good metaphor. ... more

Suzanne Fields - Fri Jan 21

If we've learned one lesson from the massacre in Tucson, it's that cause and effect are poor guides to explain human behavior. ... more

Robert Knight - Thu Jan 20

The first major campaign event of the 2012 presidential election was held on Jan. 12, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed Jan 19

There isn't a shred of evidence that deranged Tucson massacre suspect Jared Loughner ever listened to talk radio or cared about illegal immigration. But that hasn't stopped a coalition of power-grabbing politicians, progressive activists and open-borders lobbyists from plying their quack cure for the American body politic. ... more

Terry Paulson - Mon Jan 17

Such emotionally challenging events underscore the importance of our Constitution in calling us back to our founding freedoms. That is why Americans should unite behind the GOP’s attempt to take the Constitution off the wall and use it as a guide to legislative action. ... more

Ken Connor - Sun Jan 16

Fueled by the relentless nature of the 24-hour cable news cycle and the modern impulse to derive a sociological lesson from even the most inexplicable and senseless acts of violence, there is already talk of a need for laws regulating the use of "inflammatory" imagery and rhetoric. ... more

Kathryn Lopez - Sat Jan 15

When Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Tucson, it was a jarring confrontation with evil. ... more

David Limbaugh - Fri Jan 14

I'm willing to praise Obama for a fine speech. But will he follow his own words and lead his party away from its destructive efforts to silence its opponents? ... more

Pat Buchanan - Fri Jan 14

The day that President Obama departed for Arizona to address the nation on the Tucson massacre, Washington was abuzz. ... more

Michael Reagan - Wed Jan 12

When a would-be assassin shot my Dad, President Ronald Reagan, nobody questioned the fact that the shooter was certifiably nuts. ... more

Guy Benson - Wed Jan 12

As I fill-in for radio host Hugh Hewitt on his nationally syndicated program this week, I had the opportunity to interview former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty about his just-released autobiography, Courage to Stand. Our discussion touched on a number of topics – from last weekend’s Tucson atrocity, to his faith, to his passion for hockey, to the big question: Is he running for president? ... more

David Harsanyi - Wed Jan 12

No doubt some of you are upset by the hysterical politicization of the murders in Tucson, Ariz. Be heartened that a new CBS poll found that 57 percent of respondents believed the political tone in the nation had nothing to do with this particular madman's rampage. ... more