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"There are many reasons to repeal this law, reform this law, replace this law." ... more

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Our coins say it--"In God We Trust." But surveys indicate that fewer and fewer Americans actually put their trust in God. For many, God seems to get in the way. To some, God and his commandments are the creation of an archaic Judeo-Christian belief system that just impedes needed cultural transformation. ... more

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What little religious freedom Christians in Iran had—especially believers who are not from a minority ethnic group—is quickly coming to an end. Farsi-speaking Christians, many of whom are likely converts from Islam, have been told they are no longer allowed to worship at one of the few remaining churches. ... more

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As Christians around the world prepare to openly celebrate Christmas this year, many believers in the Middle East will not be so lucky. ... more

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The latest news to come out of the war-torn country is the abduction of 12 nuns from a predominately Christian village by Islamist rebels. ... more

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