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Brent Bozell - Wed Sep 19

On September 14 at Andrews Air Force Base just outside the Washington Beltway, President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton welcomed home the remains of four Americans killed at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. It was a moment of national mourning. The president was presidential, Mrs. Clinton, dignified. But for some journalists, it was, quite strangely and inappropriately something to view only through the tacky lens of politics. ... more

Austin Bay - Wed Sep 19

2012 is an election year. Meanwhile, 9/11 is an iconic date, for most Americans a symbol of terrorist savagery, for al-Qaida-inspired militant Islamists a demonstration of their determination to contest American influence. ... more

Jonah Goldberg - Fri Sep 14

An incendiary video about the prophet Muhammad, "Innocence of Muslims," was blamed for the mob attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt (and later, Yemen). In Libya, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were murdered. The video stirred some passion here in America as well. ... more

Diana West - Fri Sep 14

Two historic attacks on U.S. territory marked the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and what happened? The Obama administration surrendered our constitutional principles. The first was a "blasphemy" riot that breached the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, whereupon thugs burned the American flag and hoisted in its place the traditional black flag of Islam that flies over al-Qaida and other jihad movements. ... more

Daniel Doherty - Thu Sep 13

Jackie Gingrich Cushman - Thu Sep 13

So far, the presidential race has focused on the economy, health care and jobs. Events this week are likely to change the course of the presidential election. ... more

Jacksonville, FL - Thu Sep 13

"It's never too early for the United States government to condemn attacks on Americans and defend our values." ... more

America - Thu Sep 13

McCain addressed Libya, Syria, and Obama's foreign policy. ... more