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Derek Hunter - Sun Apr 21

Progressives can’t help themselves. When normal person hear of a tragedy, they feel the natural range of emotions – fear, anger, sympathy, etc. But progressives are not normal humans. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Apr 21

I’m not really in the mood to write a column. The reason why I’m in a foul disposition is I just saw the picture, taken a few minutes before the Boston blast, of the Muslim POS, better known as “Suspect #2”, dropping off his backpack filled with a pressure cooker bomb right behind eight-year-old Martin Richard, his little sister Jane, his mom Denise and scores of others. This image made me both sick and pissed off. ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed Feb 20

At what point will the public tire of liberal journalists lamenting that the Republican Party is overwhelmingly white and thrilled about it? They've been drawing that cartoon so long surely they'll eventually run out of ink. They love their 2012 narrative that every non-white group is rushing to Obama and the left, and they want to keep it that way. ... more

Washington, D.C. - Sat Feb 2

Chris Matthews disrespects John McCain's veteran status. ... more

Virginia - Tue Jan 29

NewsBusted takes a comedic look at last week's headlines. ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed Dec 19

The year 2012 was defined by the calculated re-emergence of Obama worship, no matter how obvious his failures in office. After his re-election, the actor Jamie Foxx let it all hang out in a tribute at the BET Awards on November 25: "First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior, Barack Obama!" ... more

America - Wed Dec 19

President of the Media Research Center Brent Bozell sat down with Sean Hannity to discuss some of this year’s worst reporting on various issues. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Tue Dec 11

America - Tue Nov 20

MSNBC's Richard Wolffe believes "there's no other way to look at it." ... more

Washington, DC - Thu Nov 15

Nope. In the latest from Chris Matthews land, "urban vote" means black people. ... more

Kathryn Lopez - Sat Nov 10

"Why was Chris Matthews on the dais?" This remains the most frequently asked question I get about the presidential election. It refers to the Al Smith dinner, an annual event that raises money for Catholic charities, (many of which are threatened by Obama administration policies), just weeks before the big day. Both presidential candidates attended the dinner, hosted by the Archdiocese of New York. ... more

America - Wed Nov 7

Never short on jawdropping comments, the MSNBC host is thankful for last week's hurricane, for 'political' reasons. ... more