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If you look at the history of the oldest federal agencies—such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Corps of Engineers—you will find scandals, mismanagement, and cost overruns from the the beginning. ... more

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The folly of monopoly unionism (“collective bargaining”) in government is most evident when labor unions strike. ... more

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there is an elephant in the room that the many reporters and politicians blustering over the issue have been too ideologically blind to see: There is no obvious harm being done by today’s corporate tax avoidance. ... more

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Note that it is the firing rate of poor performers that is especially low in the federal government, meaning workers who are lazy or produce poor work. One barrier to their firing is that managers often give these workers good performance reviews because they don’t want to rock the boat. ... more

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Past IRS abuses have stemmed from foul play by both politicians and bureaucrats. As for the bureaucrats, investigations during the 1990s revealed how IRS enforcement had run amok, with abusive tactics being used against small businesses and other taxpayers. ... more

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Conservative and libertarian scholars are clashing over the findings and political implications of the new Heritage Foundation immigration study. The study, however, also provides a very useful exploration into how massive the American welfare state has become. ... more

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Government spending certainly helps the government-dependent parts of the U.S. economy. But most Americans live in the private economy, and so they might like to know how government budget actions affect the economy that they live in. ... more

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Taxpayers are paying for billions of dollars of junk food, which seems like a huge waste of money to most people. ... more

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Some people are complaining that the sequester is too broad-based, and that it would have been better to target just the most wasteful programs. But members of Congress don’t agree on which programs are wasteful. ... more

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Grover Cleveland says “yes.” Calvin Coolidge says “yes.” Chris Edwards says “yes.” ... more

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Economic research has only a tenuous relationship to economic policymaking in Washington. President Obama’s new proposal to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00 is a case in point. ... more