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The only two countries in the Middle East without minimum age requirements for marriage are considering laws establishing a minimum age to protect women. Girls as young as six years old have been forced into marriage in those countries, many enduring rape, physical trauma from intercourse and childbirth, and torture - several on record have died from their wounds or committed suicide. ... more

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Americans' affirmation of the "right to choose" is a feature of our national identity. No matter where you go or what you're doing, chances are you are confronted with a plethora of choices. ... more

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He aggressively pursued the Democrat dream of socializing America’s medical system. Instead of debating the issue, he paid off Congressman and Senators with earmarks and money. ... more

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Not since Hillary Clinton's infamous remark during the 1992 presidential campaign -- "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas" -- has a prominent Democratic woman so insulted full-time homemakers. ... more

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For months, President Obama and his political team have worked to frame the November election as a choice. Their motivation for doing so is understandable, as the other option – a public referendum on their record – is likely to end in their defeat. ... more

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The Huffington Post was all a-twitter, even off Twitter: "GOP Lawmaker Accidentally Reveals Truth Behind Solyndra Investigation." ... more