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The practice of children illegally crossing the border from Mexico to the U.S. without any parents or guardians is increasing dramatically. ... more

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Euthanasia in the case of the elderly and terminally ill is controversial in America, especially as the population ages and medical technology improves. However, euthanasia-friendly Europe puts the US in perspective: an overwhelming majority of Belgians support a proposed euthanasia law with no age restrictions. ... more

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Although President Obama recently urged the entertainment industry to curb portrayals of violence to children and adolescents, new research highlights the cognitive benefits of video games, especially shooters. ... more

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The only two countries in the Middle East without minimum age requirements for marriage are considering laws establishing a minimum age to protect women. Girls as young as six years old have been forced into marriage in those countries, many enduring rape, physical trauma from intercourse and childbirth, and torture - several on record have died from their wounds or committed suicide. ... more

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