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Nicole Bailey - Sun Oct 6

A new study done by policy group Save Our States has discovered that publicly funded charter schools cost taxpayer less money in New York City than traditional public schools - by a margin of over $3000 per student. The information could help voters decide the upcoming NYC mayoral election. ... more

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I wrote recently how teachers unions, parent-teacher associations and school bureaucrats form an education "Blob" that makes it hard to improve schools. They also take revenge on those who work around the Blob. ... more

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It is a commonplace, but one that most of us ignore: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. ... more

Kyle Olson - Fri Nov 2

Among the many education-related ballot proposals this election is Amendment 1 in Georgia. The proposed constitutional amendment would reauthorize an independent board to approve charter schools. Currently, school districts are able to regulate charters, thereby limiting their competition. ... more

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The reaction to 'Won't Back Down' has shown a growing divide between Democrats who support real education reform and teachers unions. ... more

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Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis walks, talks and barks like a rootsy Occupy Wall Street activist. But this Big Labor loudmouth who's leading the abandonment of nearly 400,000 schoolchildren in the Windy City is just another power-grabbing union fat cat. ... more

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The charter school movement was presented to the American people as a way to have more parental control over public school education. Charter schools are public schools financed by local taxpayers and federal grants. ... more

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Would any concerned parent willingly send their children to an average public school in this country if there was an option available? ... more

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