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Cortney O'Brien - Tue Nov 18

Feminist author claims pro-lifers are the villains. ... more

Washington, DC - Mon Oct 8

Matthews strays from his usual criticism of Romney to praise the governor's first debate performance. ... more

Crystal Wright - Wed Jul 18

Many people would say the biggest mistake President Barack Obama made was getting elected President of the United States. He’s presided over one of the worst economies since the Great Depression where unemployment has been stuck over 8% for 41 straight months and our soaring debt earned America its first credit downgrade in history. ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed Jul 18

Back in 2007 and 2008, it was remarkable watching Barack Obama treated to one puffball interview after another, courtesy of Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes." Kroft compared him to Abe Lincoln and oozed about his "political poetry." But it's simply irresponsible, after three and a half years of President Obama wrecking the economy, that CBS -- now with anchor Charlie Rose -- is still in puffery mode. ... more

Washington, DC - Fri Jul 13

Charlie Rose with President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. ... more