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Credit card debt is one of the easiest things to build up-and one of the hardest to get out of. To get on the right track, pick a single card (or one each) to use for any future charges and put any others out of reach. ... more

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Although no one wants to contemplate divorce, a prenuptial agreement gives you an opportunity to think clearly and rationally about what you'd want to do if you split up. ... more

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More and more young adults do end up living at home after college these days, which can be a great interim solution, especially if you establish some guidelines and create a plan for his eventual independence. ... more

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A lot of families don't like to talk about money, but now's the time for an open discussion with your parents about what they have, what they need and changes they may need to make. ... more

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Before I give you some guidance about how to broach this delicate subject with your brother, I want to point out that there are significant practical and tax implications when you lend money to your friends or family. ... more

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Protecting yourself financially isn't just about investing. It involves looking at all the pieces of your financial life to make sure they're working together for both the short and long term. ... more

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In general, an organization must be what the IRS has designated as a qualified organization for your contribution to be tax deductible ... more

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Under current laws, if you sell your principal home and make a profit, you can exclude $250,000 of that profit from your taxable income. And that's just the exclusion for an individual. ... more

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Especially in tough economic times, like these when people in general have less to give, charities and universities welcome any type of donation -- cash or stock. ... more

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With upwards of 79 million baby boomers currently living in the U.S. -- and people living longer -- there are lots of folks considering long-term-care insurance. And I believe they're wise to do so. ... more

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Let's just say that I'm suspicious. There are a number of problems with this projection as the "End of America." In actual dollars the U.S. will still have a substantial advantage in GDP in 2016 according to the IMF. ... more

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While Cain is not a candidate for president yet- he’s still in the exploratory stage- Cain already has a program that he thinks can put Americans back to work while getting rid of the reckless and wasteful spending in Washington. In doing so, Cain hopes to start a revival of American business that will create real, high-paying jobs. ... more

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I appreciate your husband’s heart and the fact that he’s looking for teachable moments, but teenagers paying rent while they’re living at home is a little over the top. Now, if either of them were 26 or 27 it would be a different story. ... more