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Ken Cuccinelli lost a winnable race in Virginia for the governorship this month against Terry McAuliffe, a national-profile Democrat whose primary political skill was fundraising. ... more

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The SCOTUS is opening despite the shutdown, and they have some major cases already set with the potential for more overturns of precedent down the line. Issues coming up include: campaign finance, religious freedom, affirmative action, abortion protests, and more. ... more

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"The Illegal-Donor Loophole" is the headline of a Daily Beast story by Peter Schweizer of the conservative Government Accountability Institute and Peter Boyer, former reporter at The New Yorker and The New York Times. ... more

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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made some unforgettable statements during her political career. Some of them have been laughable, while others have pushed the limits of believability—like her contention that the abortion coverage in ObamaCare will actually save lives. How can killing preborn children save lives? ... more