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Katie Pavlich - Thu Mar 19

Fundamental transformation. ... more

Kevin Glass - Wed Nov 5

In the run-up to this week's 2014 midterm elections, we were bombarded with articles about how this was, race-by-race, the most expensive election ever. ... more

Walter E. Williams - Wed Sep 10

Matt Vespa - Wed Aug 20

An explanation is in order. ... more

Kevin Glass - Mon May 26

At the end of last week the RNC filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission, saying that the limits on individual and group donations are unconstitutional. This would be another big victory for speech advocates if it were to succeed, following the landmark Citizens United decision. ... more

Kevin Glass - Sun May 25

Mitch McConnell comfortably defeated Matt Bevin this week in the Senate GOP nomination primary in Kentucky. The Associated Press put it in an odd way, however, when they wrote about the role of money. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Tue Apr 8

Steve Chapman - Sun Apr 6

Ransom Notes Radio - Fri Apr 4

Kevin Glass - Wed Apr 2

The Supreme Court today handed down their decision in <i>McCutcheon v. FEC</i>, and the 5-4 decision carried by the Court's conservative justices has overturned the aggregate limits on campaign contributions to political candidates. ... more

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