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Christine Rousselle - Tue Jan 5

Down to earth. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Thu Nov 5

Interesting. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Tue Jul 21

He hates them so much, in fact, he wants to burn the tax code. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Mon Jul 13

Bravo. ... more

Ky Sisson - Mon Nov 3

As of Monday afternoon, the combined spending of both Senator Kay Hagen (D) and challenger Thom Tillis (R) for the North Carolina senate seat is at a whopping $108,051,842. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Tue Sep 16

Consider donating some butter to help soothe Grimes' burn. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Wed Dec 4

I'll award him points for creativity. ... more

Mark Davis - Fri Nov 1

Hugh Hewitt - Thu Aug 16

This is a long memo, born of two decades of frustration with the Beltway sharpies who run campaigns and are clueless about talk radio. There is no hostility here, just frustration with the invincible ignorance of the consulting class that wouldn't know the difference between a Thursday afternoon drive show in Denver and a late night dollar-a-holler stick in Flat Plains, Nowhere. ... more

Rich Galen - Thu Aug 9

The SuperPAC supporting Barack Obama, PrioritiesUSA Action, has produced an ad showing a man who claims is wife died of cancer because the steel plant at which he worked was closed by Mitt Romney. ... more

Michael Reagan - Thu Jul 19

Dirty political campaigns are as old as the Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are said to have thrown the first mud at each other in the presidential election of 1800. ... more

Missouri - Tue Jul 17

Claire McCaskill incorrectly assumed voters in an ad were actors - she has apologizes for the assumption. ... more

Charlotte Hays - Tue Jul 3

You’ve probably already seen it—but just in case you missed the most curious campaign fundraising pitch in the annals of American politics, here it is... ... more

New York, NY - Mon Jun 4

At a time when the Obama's fundraising is down 30% from 2008 (a 12.6 mil difference), the campaign has released embarrassing new ads touting the fashion elite as bait. Other <a href="{C5938361-3901-4D5F-9F70-4DD20B2ACF0B}&title=Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Releases-Embarrassing-Obama-Ad">video</a> features Sarah Jessica Parker. ... more

America - Fri Jun 1

To Karen Hunter, there's not enough minorities in Romney's web ad. ... more