CAIR on Townhall

Jeff Jacoby - Sun Apr 13

"HONOR DIARIES" might not be coming to a theater near you, at least not if CAIR gets its way. ... more

Mona Charen - Fri Apr 20

"Where are all the moderate Muslims?" It's a question often posed by Americans who watch with disgust as the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other apologists for radical Islam hog all of the attention. CAIR, which was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the terror financing Holy Land Foundation case, and which regularly denounces any effort to combat radical Islam as anti-Muslim prejudice, is routinely described in the press as a Muslim "civil rights" group. ... more

Cliff May - Thu Apr 5

To those who proclaim themselves jihadis, Mohamed Merah is a hero and a martyr. ... more

Oliver North - Fri Feb 3

Blacklist (n.): a list of persons who are disapproved of or are to be punished or boycotted. ... more

Frank Gaffney - Wed Feb 1

According to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), there is a grave threat to America that must be suppressed at all costs. ... more

Karen Lugo - Tue Aug 30

The Center for American Progress’s “Fear, Inc: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network” in America claims to have exposed America’s Islamophobes by naming a network of so-called dangerous fear- and hate-mongers. ... more

Diana West - Fri Aug 12

This week, a three-day conference hosted by the CIA on "homegrown radicalization" was supposed to have taken place at CIA headquarters. It did not. The conference was abruptly canceled. ... more

Frank Gaffney - Thu Aug 11

As the nation mourns the loss in combat of thirty of its military heroes - including 22 members of the Navy's elite SEAL Team 6 - in Afghanistan over the weekend, the question inevitably occurs: What are we fighting for that justifies this latest among so much sacrifice in that distant, backwards and inhospitable land? ... more

Elisabeth Meinecke - Sat Jul 30

Michael Youssef - Tue Jul 5

That is right…profile me and all men who were born in the Middle East, have a Middle Eastern profile or have Middle Eastern names...why you say? ... more

Frank Gaffney - Mon May 9

Surprisingly, on net, last week was not a good one for the Free World. Despite the signal accomplishment of liquidating Osama bin Laden, Western civilization suffered serious reverses on several fronts. ... more

Humberto Fontova - Wed Apr 27

The New Black Panther Party threatened Philadelphia voters with billy clubs and Eric Holder’s justice department couldn’t be bothered. CAIR was accused of fundraising for Hamas, and Eric Holder shrugged. ... more

Chuck Norris - Tue Apr 26

While all eyes this week are on London's royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton, my eyes are on an opening statement from the U.K.'s Daily Mail Reporter: "Women who do not wear headscarves are being threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremists intent on imposing (Shariah) on parts of Britain." ... more

Doug Giles - Sat Apr 9

It’s just how Islam rolls when it comes to interfacing with other faiths; they kill them or oppress them. ... more

Frank Gaffney - Wed Mar 16

It is not everyday that Congress breaks a major taboo and, in so doing, performs a real service to the nation. Last Thursday, however, was one such day. ... more

Frank Gaffney - Tue Mar 15

Yesterday’s videotaped revelations by the intrepid James O’Keefe provides welcome grist for many mills. Most obviously, it offers irrefutable evidence that National Public Radio employs elitists who are hostile to Republicans, Tea Party activists, and others derided as gun-toting, white “racists.” ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Mar 10

The Council on American-Islamic relations was a focal point of Rep. Peter King's radicalization hearings today, with experts testifying that the threat of homegrown terror is real. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Feb 27

How do you think the media would report a story if a radical Christian cult, such as Westboro Baptist Church, had a group of their idiots patrolling the Florida Keys with AK-47s in Go-Fast boats? ... more