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Guy Benson - Thu Aug 29

Rich Galen - Fri Mar 29

Among the many very nice comments I got for Wednesday's MULLINGS (Our Talking Points Society) was a reader who asked (in essence) "If Fox News Channel is so far ahead of MSNBC and CNN why did the GOP lose the Presidential election last Fall?" ... more

America - Mon Feb 4

Terence Smith, Amy Holmes, Dana Milbank & Howard Kurtz on MSNBC's presentation of a Sandy Hook father's testimony. ... more

Lisa De Pasquale - Thu Nov 8

For the next few weeks pundits, political consultants, activists and everyone else will be offering their reasons for why Republicans not only lost the presidential election, but several important Senate and House seats. Republicans of every stripe lost, so I don’t see this as a tea party versus the establishment scenario. People smarter and with more experience in electoral politics will talk about the candidates’ flaws and demographic realities. However, in seeing the exit polls and talking to friends who are not politically-inclined, one thing became clear to me: The media defined this election. ... more Staff - Fri Jul 27