Bush Tax Cuts on Townhall

Michael Medved - Wed Oct 12

Considered in isolation, payroll tax cuts in the jobs bill look like a crass political stunt: reducing revenues by $240 billion next year and then magically disappearing right after the November elections. ... more

Donald Lambro - Thu Sep 22

What if Barack Obama had begun his presidency by enacting a permanent tax cut that further lowered income tax rates, cut the capital gains rate in half and reduced business taxes across the board? ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Sep 21

With gridlocked Washington unable to choose between the two great economists Keynes and Hayek, some leaders of both parties are attempting to come together in embracing the philosophy of another influential thinker: the immortal J. Wellington Wimpy. ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed Sep 21

Once again Barack Obama proposes to raise job-killing taxes on a weakening economy, one that has all but stopped growing under his 1930s-style policies. ... more

Heidi Harris - Mon Sep 19

It always sounds good to those “less fortunate” to make those “more fortunate” pay all the bills, regardless of whether their lack of “fortune” is related to laziness, bad decisions, or anything else in their control. With the exception of inherited wealth, the “fortunate” have earned their money, through innovation and motivation. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Thu Sep 8

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney joined me in Las Vegas yesterday to discuss his new jobs and economic plan. He also shared some thoughts on his new Republican rival, Texas Governor Rick Perry. ... more

Byron York - Tue Aug 9

Not a day, maybe not an hour, goes by without someone in Washington denouncing irresponsible spending and unfair tax cuts by George W. Bush and the Republican Party. ... more

John Ransom - Sun Aug 7

I see Roy and Odin and Mo and Steve this week in the mail bag. We talk Matt Damon- who had a great part playing himself in Team America World Police- SEIU, racism of the progressive type. And we point out once again that numbers and words aren't the strongest skill sets for liberals. Besides that, they're bleeping golden. ... more

Linda Chavez - Fri Aug 5

Given these dramatic disparities between worldviews, it's hard to imagine how a divided government is going to achieve the budget cuts promised in the debt-ceiling compromise or rewrite tax laws that nearly everyone agrees need to be reformed. ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed Jul 27

If Americans who tuned in to President Obama's televised address Monday night were hoping for a breakthrough in the budget crisis, they were sorely disappointed. ... more

John C. Goodman - Sat Jul 16

Why aren’t employers hiring more workers? Why are so many people seeking work unable to find anything other than part-time positions or temporary employment? And that’s when they can find a job at all. ... more

Jonah Goldberg - Wed Jul 13

In 1994, the Republicans took back the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Thu Jul 7

Remember the Misery Index? It tends to reappear whenever the economy exhibits a couple of unwelcome trends in unusual tandem: not just a high unemployment rate but more inflation, too. Talk about a double whammy. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Wed Jun 29

President Bush overspent and overregulated. And yes, the dollar collapsed on his watch. And from Fannie Mae to the Federal Reserve, the housing bubble was born. But the tax cuts? They worked. ... more

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown - Fri Jun 17

Reading Al Gore's comments on Mitt Romney we were reminded of all of the reason's we don't trust the man: "Good for Mitt Romney though we've long passed the point where weak lip-service is enough on the Climate Crisis. While other Republicans are running from the truth, he is sticking to his guns in the face of the anti-science wing of the Republican Party ... more

Brad O'Leary - Wed Jun 8

President Obama and Democrats in congress are once again trying to sell America on tax increases. All of our problems will be solved if the “rich” would just pay more in taxes. We’ve been down this road before with disastrous results. ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed May 11

As much as liberals complain about conservative "misinformation" and incivility, they never seem to find it on channels like MSNBC, and we know there are small bands of liberals that wander over there. ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed May 11

Can President Obama be defeated in his bid for a second term? It depends, of course, on whom Republicans choose as their candidate, but it's clear that Obama is vulnerable on several major fronts. ... more

Donald Lambro - Fri May 6

There are two fundamental things that need to be done to restore America's economy to its former health: reduce government spending and thus shrink its debt, and increase federal tax revenues by boosting economic growth, new-business formation and job creation. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Fri Apr 29

Rising inflation is coexisting with high, near-9 percent unemployment. Keynesians argue this can’t happen. They're wrong. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Thu Apr 21

The House Republicans want spending limitations, not deficit targets. It’s not a simple semantic issue. A so-called deficit target leaves open the probability of a big tax hike. ... more

Hadley Heath - Tue Apr 19

Americans just sent the last bit of 2010 tax paperwork – along with a sizable chunk of our incomes – to Uncle Sam. Most Americans naturally want to put the ordeal behind us. But before the memory fades, it's worth reviewing the toll that our Leviathan tax code takes on our economy, and specifically on American women. ... more

Washington, DC - Wed Apr 13

Rep. Bachmann predicts that President Obama's speech on deficit-reduction today will focus on raising revenues by taxing "the wealthy." ... more

Washington, DC - Mon Apr 11

David Plouffe outlines Obama's plan to reduce the deficit, which includes eliminating "tax breaks for the wealthy." ... more