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The Left's zero-tolerance anti-bullying policies aren't just wasting time and money, they're also increasing the behavior they're designed to prevent. ... more

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"Bullying" is defined as making somebody feel "terrorized, harassed or threatened with no legitimate purpose." ... more

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The Senate Mensheviks have raked Apple Computer over the coals on its practice of keeping tons and tons of money offshore. This is money that the Mensheviks sorely need, so they can squander it on things that won’t make life better for anyone outside of K Street. ... more

Mark Davis - Fri Apr 12

It is hard to imagine a more inspiring occasion. The graduation ceremony for Johns Hopkins University Medical School was set to welcome the man who has brought it so much attention lately-- Dr. Ben Carson, the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery whose observations on culture and politics have earned him millions of new fans in recent months. ... more