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Andre Walker - Sun Aug 30

LONDON, United Kingdom The former head of the British Army, Lord Richards, has said the rise of the Islamic State is a result of a liberal agenda. Richards claimed the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, lacked the balls to take the fight to the country's enemies causing many of the problems in the region today. ... more

Cal Thomas - Thu Aug 27

Cal Thomas - Thu Aug 20

Michael Barone - Tue Aug 18

Andre Walker - Tue Aug 4

WESTMINSTER, United Kingdom Wiltshire Police will to be investigated over its handing of allegations of child sex abuse against a former British Prime Minister. ... more

Cal Thomas - Thu Jul 30

Andre Walker - Tue Jul 28

WESTMINSTER, United Kingdom Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords has resigned his seat after being filmed taking cocaine with prostitutes. Before the scandal broke at the weekend Lord Sewel was a highly respected figure in the Labour Party and even chaired the House of Lords Standards Committee. ... more

Andre Walker - Tue Jul 14

WESTMINSTER, United Kingdom Scottish National Party (SNP) Members of Parliament have forced the government into a u-turn over it's plans to water down the ban on fox hunting in England. ... more

Andre Walker - Wed Jul 8

Conservatives have presented their first solo budget since 1996, after winning May's election. The center piece of the budget was a $18bn cut in welfare by 2017-18, coupled with the introduction of a National Living Wage of $11.00 per hour. ... more

Andre Walker - Mon Jul 6

One of the candidates to succeed Ed Miliband as Leader of the British Labour Party has tabled a motion in the House of Commons demanding police action to protect abortion clinics. ... more

Andre Walker - Mon Jul 6

British politicians have always been renowned experts at 'gobbing off' about the European Union. The sport has a few simple rules: rant a lot with no real desire to achieve anything. It's a sport that has been the mainstay of the Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, since he took office in 2010. ... more

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