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Bob Beauprez - Fri Oct 7

Obama's Fast and Furious Denial doesn't change the facts. Holder obviously did know at least five months before Agent Terry was murdered, and ten months before he perjured himself before a Congressional committee. And, contrary to the President's contention, what Holder knew about Fast and Furious didn't make him "unhappy" enough to do anything to stop the program. In fact, his only action regarding the operation seems to be to cover it up. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Wed Oct 5

Attorney General Eric Holder may have lied under oath to Congress. The question is: What is Congress going to do about it? ... more

Katie Pavlich - Mon Sep 26

Earlier today, I had the privilege of sitting down with National Sheriff of the Year Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu to discuss his reaction to Operation Fast and Furious and his ongoing fight against ruthless drug cartels. After our conversation, it became clear the Obama Administration is fighting him with lawsuits and by arming the very cartels he and his deputies are trying to combat in the Arizona desert. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed Aug 3

Katie Pavlich - Tue Jul 26

"It’s alleged that over 2,000 guns were trafficked in this investigation. To put that in context, upon information and belief, the US Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment has approximately 2,500 rangers. That means that as a result of this investigation, the Sinaloa cartel may have received almost as many guns that are needed to arm the entire regiment." ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed Jun 15

Damning new evidence from Capitol Hill shows that ATF Directors and Justice Department Officials knew about and encouraged the purposeful trafficking of thousands of weapons across the southern border, despite strong objections from ATF agents. Thousands of innocent lives were taken as the result, including those of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jamie Zapata. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Tue Jun 14

Presidential administration officials have been held in contempt only 12 times since Watergate in the 1970s, but number 13 may be on its way due to Eric Holder's refusal to hand over requested documents on an illegal immigration program. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Tue May 17

While law enforcement officers working the southern border with Mexico face hand grenades, 50 caliber machine guns and violent cartel members with no respect for authority, President Obama says the border is as secure as it has ever been. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Tue May 3

Attorney General Eric Holder just said in a hearing on Capitol Hill he has only known about Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious for a couple of weeks. Holder also said he does not know who authorized the operation and claimed the Justice Department has been cooperating in with the Oversight Committee in their investigation of the DOJ. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed Mar 30

Buried in Barack Obama's failed trillion-dollar stimulus program was a $10 million bloody border racket that has now cost American lives. This goes far beyond the usual waste, fraud and abuse underwritten by progressive profligacy. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Mar 13

It was tough picking a Liberal to lampoon for today’s column. ... more