Breast Cancer on Townhall

Sarah Jean Seman - Sat Dec 14

While the Obama Administration promised that the“vast majority” would have glitch-free access to by November 30, it seems the site is still posing problems. ... more

Michael Norton - Sun Aug 18

Carrie Lukas - Tue Oct 30

With Halloween this week, one might assume that orange and black are the hands-down winners for favorite marketing décor. Yet pumpkins and witches hats have a formidable challenger in the pink ribbons signifying breast cancer awareness month, which currently adorn everything from grocery shelves to athletes’ uniforms. ... more

Casey Mattox - Wed Oct 17

In Tuesday’s presidential debate and the latest issue of Glamour magazine, President Obama stumbled into accusing on of his campaign's largest benefactors- Planned Parenthood- of serially violating a federal women's health law designed to protect breast cancer patients by claiming that the abortion giant provides mammograms even though it has no license to do so. ... more