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Charlie Kirk - Sun Feb 3

Previous generations pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and risk taking was encouraged as millions sought the American dream. A dream encourages one to stretch their imagination and think outside the box. I am afraid that my generation fears risk taking because we haven't been encouraged to take chances. ... more

Shawn Mitchell - Tue Oct 2

Voters who are undecided by now likely won’t be wowed by such talk. These folks aren’t sure what they think, but they want results. If I were talking to an unpolitical friend, I’d make points like these ... more

Steven Aden - Tue May 1

After all we’ve seen and heard regarding abortion in the 21st century—all the justifications for gender-selective abortions, for killing preborn handicapped babies, and even for having a window of time in which it’s acceptable to kill children after birth—proponents of the culture of death still surprise many people from time to time. ... more