Black Friday on Townhall

Political Calculations - Fri Nov 23

In the modern world, for those who just can't wait for the Black Friday shopping experience, there's no need to wait until 8:00 PM to get in on those Black Friday deals.... Or even to leave home.... ... more

Rebecca Hagelin - Wed Dec 7

For many moms, Black Friday kicked off not only the Christmas shopping season, but the season of overload: too much to do and too little merriment. Family calendars swell with social obligations—work Christmas parties, neighborhood cookie swaps, school Christmas plays (with socials afterwards), and generic “holiday” events hosted by nearly every group on your email list. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Sat Dec 3

Jeff Carter - Sun Nov 27

The brick and mortar stores opened even earlier than ever. Some even on the evening of Thanksgiving. How long before they just stay open 24/7? Even though I think it’s nuts to wait in line at a store to spend money, it doesn’t matter. Crowds of shoppers hit the stores. ... more

Kate Hicks - Fri Nov 25

Kate Hicks - Fri Nov 25