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Washington, DC - Thu Feb 16

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Rich Tucker - Tue Nov 8

Money, like water, is almost impossible to contain. Hold it down someplace, it’ll bubble up someplace else. That’s why the solution to what some see as college football’s current dilemma (money is crushing the sport) would be to stop attempting to contain the market and instead to allow the sport to generate even more money. ... more

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Jonah Goldberg - Fri Sep 30

President Obama's failure to fully achieve the liberal agenda and remain popular in the process is fueling dangerous radicalization in the oddest of places: the media establishment, which considers itself the guardian of the political center. ... more

Guy Benson - Fri Aug 5

John Ransom - Thu Aug 4

I’m sure, since it’s in Chicago AND Obama's there-big fish, bad smell- one way or another the night will be tax-deductible for the royalty who can afford to shell out that kind of coin. That way the Dukes and Duchesses of boardrooms from L.A. and NYC can stop worrying about denying jobs to regular Americans in order that their solar farm investments can finally pay off. ... more

Rebecca Hagelin - Tue Apr 5

Karen's nine-year-old son came home from a birthday party at a locally owned "family fun" center with plenty to tell. The party was great, especially the laser tag and the pizza. But he didn't like the arcade games, one in particular. "It had, like, men hitting girls. Beating them up and killing them. I didn't like it." ... more