Bill Maher on Townhall

America - Fri Mar 9

ShePAC's new web ad highlights the double standards of media criticism. ... more

Brent Bozell - Fri Mar 2

HBO has perhaps made Bill Maher America's nastiest talk show host. He's also America's most prominent, militant atheist. Now he's made himself the most prominent million-dollar donor to Barack Obama's super PAC, Priorities USA. ... more

America - Tue Feb 28

He also thinks faith is just an opinion. ... more

Rich Galen - Wed Nov 2

I haven't got a clue what happened or didn't happen while Herman Cain was CEO of the National Restaurant Association. There appear to be fewer than a dozen people -- the two women and their lawyers, the general counsel and whoever produced the paperwork at the association, the people who wrote and signed the checks, and Herman Cain -- who do know, and as of this writing none of them are talking. So, let's put aside what, if anything, Cain did wrong. ... more

Guy Benson - Thu Oct 20

Rich Galen - Fri Oct 7

In one of the GOP Presidential debates the number of prisoners who had been put to death in Texas drew applause from the audience. In a subsequent debate, the issue of the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was being discussed and, during a short video of a Marine talking about being openly gay, two members of that audience booed. ... more

Reuters News - Sun Oct 2

Rich Galen - Mon Sep 19

Some of you may remember that I told you in Friday's MULLINGS that I was going to be on Bill Maher's HBO program, "Real Time." I said that I was going to be on with, among other people, Keith Olbermann. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Fri Jul 22 Staff - Tue Jul 12

Cal Thomas - Tue Jun 21

If lying is sufficient reason to expel a member (like Anthony Weiner), then the halls of Congress may soon be vacant of all but the janitorial crew who empty the trash and mop the floors at night. ... more

Los Angeles - Mon Jun 13

What if the same had been said by a conservative commentator about Clinton polling behind Obama during the 2008 election? ... more

New York - Tue Apr 26

Another brilliant bit of fresh, fact-based insight from Bill Maher. ... more

Hollywood - Mon Apr 11

"I get really nervous when people say, 'Free speech is great, but...'" ... more

Brent Bozell - Wed Feb 23

The battle in Madison, Wis., between new Gov. Scott Walker and the public-sector union hacks offers an amazing study in journalistic double standards. The same national media that have spent the last two years drawing devil's horns and Klan hoods on the tea party protesters have switched sides with lightning speed. ... more

Ken Connor - Sun Feb 13

Over the last few centuries, our society has come to believe that there exists a fundamental incompatibility between faith and science. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Jan 19

The same people who had blamed Sarah Palin for the massacre at the Tucson Safeway and then taunted her for her "silence" were enraged when she responded. ... more