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New York, New York - Fri Oct 21

Alec Baldwin...conservative? Anti-OWS at least? Glenn Beck comments. ... more

Jeff Carter - Tue Oct 18

If Occupy Wall Streeters had any common sense, they would be marching upon the bureaucratic offices of the government. They would be marching upon the biggest supporter of big government and increased regulation that we have ever seen, Barack Obama. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Oct 16

“What do they want?” is a common refrain in the media these days. Left-wing talking heads and progressive TV hosts are still scrambling to figure out exactly what the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd is up to. ... more

Jeff Carter - Mon Oct 10

The knee jerk reaction is that if I don’t concur with Occupy Wall Street and their assault on capitalism, that I must be a greedy capitalist and think the bankers are great guys that should be left alone. ... more

John Ransom - Sun Oct 9

The longest Email, Hate mail edition ever! While some have accused liberalism of being a mental disorder, today's column shows that it might also be a learning disability. ... more Staff - Wed Oct 5

Thomas Sowell - Wed Sep 28

They say "all politics is local." But economic decisions impact the whole economy and reverberate internationally. That is why politicians' meddling with the economy creates so many disasters. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Mon Sep 26

If Deutche Bank goes under as a result, Ackerman and the entire board should be fired. Indeed the entire banking system would be better off if failed bank executives get shown the door and their pensions set to zero when banks fail. ... more